Vision 20/20

If you didn't get a chance to take part in the two Vision 20/20 webinars, you can now stream and download them!

Model Performance - State Programs that are Succeeding

  • Focusing Resources Where They Matter Most
  • Gary West, Tennessee State Fire Marshal
  • Marshal West will be talking about the "Get Alarmed Tennessee" program that installed over 100,000 smoke alarms in high-risk areas and has resulted in a 28% reduction in fire deaths.
  • Fire Data in a Serious State
  • Sara Wood, Kansas State NFIRS Program Manager
  • Ms. Wood will talk about removing barriers, making data more accessible and creating a more positive attitude towards data reporting. As a result, they have increased reporting levels from 31% to 83% of departments in two years.

Model Performance - Cities with Solutions

  • No More Fire Deaths
    Derrick Sawyer, Deputy Chief, Philadelphia Fire Department
  • Chief Sawyer will explain that by using a detailed analysis of fire data, Philadelphia launched a pilot program for a focused smoke alarm installation program in high risk areas that resulted in a 30% improvement as compared to the rest of he city.
  • Sprinklers in Rapid City
    Tim Behlings, Division Chief, Rapid City Fire Department
  • Chief Behlings will describe the sprinkler initiative in Rapid City that focuses on a wide diversity of occupancies and that has resulted in 33 sprinkler saves since it started. As Chief Behlings says, "we need to stop digging the hole and building a ladder so that more people are protected by sprinklers..."

You will also learn more about the free, online V2020 Fire Safety Materials Generator and other resources available on the Vision 20/20 website.

Vision 20/20 is a project, hosted by the Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch, focusing on addressing the gaps in fire prevention, developing tools and resources, and fostering an exchange of ideas. 

Thanks to our founding supporter for all of their help.