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In June 2014, the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs launched Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention, a statewide campaign to reduce fire fatalities in Alabama. The goals of our campaign are to promote personal responsibility for fire prevention, change behaviors that cause most unintentional fires and train citizens to avoid serious injury or death if fire occurs.
People living in Alabama have a greater risk of dying in a fire than people in almost any other state. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, Alabama ranks third in the US for deadly fires per capita, following the District of Columbia and Mississippi. As fire chiefs, we asked ''Why”? Alabama clearly has high-risk citizens: persons of low economic status, older adults and children. We have older construction, substandard housing and cultural diversity, but so do states surrounding Alabama in the southeastern United States. Why is our risk so much greater?
Research points to simple human behavior as the cause of almost every home fire in Alabama. Unattended cooking, careless use of tobacco products, improper use of space heaters and extension cords, and unsafe storage of combustibles are leading causes of fires that kill. Our focus is on helping citizens understand common causes of fire so they will choose to change these behaviors. In addition, we will provide information on the use and maintenance of smoke alarms, and developing and practicing escape plans.
This website will provide up-to-date information on trending fire risks, sites for educators and students, and current data on local fire fatalities. Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention and join us as we unite fire prevention efforts across Alabama.
Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention is endorsed by the Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office, Alabama Fire Marshal Association, Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Fire Chiefs Associations of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and West Virginia.
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